In Whitest Solitude

My sister, movie maker and film critic Rada Šešić, invited me to be the art director in her experimental film “In White Solitude” (”In witte eenzaamheid”) and create scenography for the film. This is a dance film, based on the poem by R. M. Rilke, in which a dancer moves through an empty house like a shadow, climbing up to the attic and reaching out for the light. 

Making of this film was a very interesting process – it was shot in the ambient of an old, deserted church in the Friesland. The interior of the church was huge and the scenography demanded approach that would fit the experimental nature of the film. For that purpose, together with numerous evocative objects, I included into the scene design some of my paintings  and made a large circular screen for visual projections. 

Along with scenography, I have also recorded voice improvisations used as a sound background in this film. Needless to say, working with my sister on her film reminded me of our youth when we both made our first steps in the magic world of cinematography.

The film received Octavian award at the film festival “Days of the Croatian Film”, held in Zagreb in 2003.