Schiller Theater

The Balkan evening in Schiller Theater „Place Royale“

The Schiller Theater is an attractive and a very special theater in the heart of the city of Utrecht. It is a national monument with a rich history, the theater where Mozart and Brahms themselves performed their music. 

During the annual cultural event “Utrecht Uitfeest”, Steef Schinkel, the owner and director of the Schiller Theater, the man with a keen interest in culture and history of the Balkans, invited the four of us – Jessica Vosmeer (dancer), Pit Hermans (cymbalist), Ramis Tumbeleki (percussionist), and myself (voice, guitar and accordion) – to make a dance and musical performance in this beautiful theater. 

The theater space was exceptionally motivating for such an event. Its intimate atmosphere and excellent acoustics inspired us to create a pleasant Balkan ambiance with music, oriental dance of Jessica, and songs from Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was a  magical evening with a full theater and a wonderful audience that interacted with us, asking questions during breaks, tirelessly giving a rhythm by finger snapping, or humming and singing along tunes that they knew.