Prituri se planinata

The Mountain Has Collapsed (Притури са Планината) 

This performance was staged for the opening of my exhibition “Four Visions: World in Change” in KCN gallery 2011 dedicated to disastrous changes in the planetary climate and devastation of the natural environment. The performance included the screening of my animated film “Sound and Form”, depicting a world of extreme seasons: blazing summers and frosty winters, separated by short periods of more bearable living conditions – very much alike the situation developing nowadays all over the world. 

Surrounded with the projection of the film “Sound & Form” and photos from the film I performed a variation on the Bulgarian folk song “The mountain has collapsed” (“Притури са Планината”) together with singers Yinske Silva and Jessica Vosmeer.  (We sang that song also together in three voices in the theater play “Finland-Hotel Eldorado” staged at the theater festival in Utrecht “Festival a/d Werf” and at the “IJ” festival in Amsterdam).  

That song has an extraordinary, tectonic power which reinforced the very idea of the exhibition as well as of my film “Sound & Form”.