Poen, Para, Doekoe, Floes

For two months, in summer 2009, the Geld museum in Utrecht held an exposition currated by Peter Hagenar, presenting 50 people from different cultures, each marked by the name of the currency in the country of his/her origin (which explains four words found in somewhat cryptic title of the exhibition). 

I gladly accepted the invitation to take a part in this project, based on the idea that money is not an ultimate worth but only a tool for preservation of more fundamental values of humanity – such as cultural diversity. 

Following this idea, the concept of the exhibition included interactive sessions, held on weekends and each dedicated to a particular culture. Several of us, out of 50 participants, were artists or performers and thus asked to present to the public our respective cultures of origin and to speak about their influence upon our personal artistic development and our works.

For this event I have prepared a program that included musical performances (in collaboration with danceress Jessica Vosmeer and cimbalist Pit Hermans), projections of my short movies, and exposition of my wooden triptychs.