Mermaid’s Shadow

Mermaid’s Shadow: How dance, music, and picture become one.

Throughout my entire life the art, film, music, and dance were closely intertwined, and all of them are in some sense present in my works. The language of all those art forms is very similar, it deals with composition, movement, rhythm, harmony, proportions, contrasts, balance… Kandinsky once said that for him the combination of forms and colors produces vibrations alike those of chords played on piano. 

The performance “Mermaid’s Shadow” was set as an introduction to the screening of my film “Poseidon” that speaks of myths, oceans, and memory of water. 

It consisted of nine linked musical and dance parts, performed in front of a screen, making dancers blended into projection while vivifying their shadows cast upon the screen. 

The performance was staged at the International festival “Sarajevo Winter” in 2014, as well as in several galleries in the Netherlands.

I created the concept for this dance and had the pleasure to make choreography and perform together with Yazila, renowned Dutch performer of oriental dances from Utrecht.