The short feature film “Illusionists” by the eminent Sarajevo director Vesna Ljubić, tells about dreams and hopes of a humble and destitude family man, in the eve of the war in the Balkans. In the time of merciless economic crisis, surreal dreams and fantasies are the only thing that the father has at his disposal in trying to save good spirits of his family. This lyrical film was made with discrete touch of benevolent humor, so characteristic for films of great Federico Fellini. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, bearing in mind that, in time of her studies at the Film academy in Rome, Vesna Ljubić was Fellini’s assistant. 

This extraordinary filmmaker and wonderful person kindly invited me to join her small production team on the Lake of Bačani in Herzegovina, where the film was shot. I was cast to play a role of a gullible and naive provincial girl who is, in the same time, both frivolous and angelically pristine. The enriching experience of working with a director such as Vesna Ljubić left a permanent mark in my life and grew into a lifelong friendship with her. Her departure in 2021 left a void not only in cinematography, but also in hearts of all those who knew her. 

The film  “Illusionists” received The Best Director award at the Belgrade’s Festival of Documentary Films in 1991.