Finland – Hotel Eldorado

“Finland – Hotel Eldorado” is a theater play (written by Gerardjan Rijnders) about dark places of our collective memory, an interplay of friendship and animosity, and a difficult road towards a reconciliation. The main characters try to find their way through dangerous fields of doubts and mistrust, hoping to recollect their lives someday and find a path to brighter future. The play is based on narratives collected by the director Giselle Vegter who travelled through Bosnia and Herzegovina talking with people about their memories and experiences from the tragic war in the early 90s that took place in the Balkans.

I was honored that the director has invited me, along with three other girls, to create an atmosphere of the scenes through our songs and choreographed movements. For that occasion I have also cooperated with director and musical coordinator in finding and selecting music for the play. 

The play was shown at, among other places, theater festival Aan de Werf in Utrecht, and IJ theater festival in Amsterdam, in July 2011.