Vision Dancing

The installation was conceived for the occasion of 200 years of the Royal art association Genotschap Kunstliefde in Utrecht. Several artists were selected to produce artworks inspired by exhibits displayed at the Dutch Design Center. “Vision Dancing” was based on the design collection “Vision”, presented by famous furniture manufacturer Pastoe, marked by straight lines and simplicity of its shapes.

Rectangular shapes and solids are closely associated with the idea of dehumanized cities; their geometric rigidity, unfriendly edges and corners… And yet – they have their own characters, equally poetic as those of their curved and rounded cousins. In an imaginary world inhabited by abstract, pale cuboids, each alike the next one, it is their relation that turns their stiffness into poetic fluidity of a combined movement. Their shadows, shifting with the change of daylight, introduce a gentle softness in the ambiance of their dance.

The installation setup, placed in a dark chamber, utilizes TV monitors, a set of mirrors, a beamer and a large screen. 

See the fragment of the film “What a City dreams about“, utilized in this installation.