In Europe, the first half of 90s was marked by vicious and brutal war in the artist’s homeland in the Balkans. It motivated creation of the installation “NEXT” that was placed in the “Fine Art” gallery space, in the Hague. Besides exhibiting snapshot-like portraits of people captured in the storm of war, friends and beloved ones, in the ruins of their previous lives, the gallery floor was transformed in the maps of military operations, covered by the rubbles of destroyed homes, empty cartridge casess, broken toys, and remains of other people’s destroyed homes. 

 Ladders named “The Ascent of Civilization”, covered by cutouts of “heroes” since the times of ancient Greece to the present days, lead to death and destruction and speak of tragic senselessness of wars. Surrounded by discarded items of military gears, portraits of faces with muted screams (series of paintings named “The Scream: Pictures on the walls”), facsimiles of various meaningless documents, resolutions, agreements, treaties – they all combine with stunning lyrics of Eric Blau, Jacques Roman Brel, and Mort Shuman in their song “Next”, performed by Alex Harvey, creating a memorable “silent moment of cold dread”.