Looking for the Muse

Greek mythology, the Muses are inspirational goddesses of literature, science and arts. According to Hesiod (8 century B.C.) they are nine daughters of the supreme divinity Zeus and the Titan goddess Mnemosyne (“Memory”). They make people, at least briefly, to forget pain and be released from constraints, duties, and pressures of a everyday’s life by inspiring human creativity.

Sometimes, they appear unexpectedly in one’s life and change it for good. Some other times, although desired and invited, they simply fail to show. The search for inspiration, for sense and purpose of human transitory existence, is arguably the most compelling quest that every individual, at some point, encounters in the course of her life. The installation “Looking for the Muse” addresses such a pursuit, utilizing the screen of a video monitor built in the frame of a painting hung on the gallery wall. There is no artwork within that frame, only the video testimony of the artist’s quest for her inspiring muse.