Liquid Motion

Without water we are nothing, the traveler thought. Even an emperor, when deprived of water, will quickly turn to dust. Water is the true ruler, and we are all its servants.”

— Salman Rushdie, “The Enchantress of Florence”

Water is older than life. Some scientists believe that water is capable to store and  preserve information, to “remember”. Water is not the same everywhere in the world. 

It is marked by dissolved minerals and their structure, as well as by interaction with its surrounding environment. They determine water’s specific structure and energy. 

Modern science has established that our bodies (and water makes 75% of them) prefer the kind of water that has the structure similar to water from the place where one was born. Maybe that is why the inner bond with the place of our origin is preserved throughout our entire lives. Therefore, besides its poetic sense, the idea of attachment to one’s homeland might be also linked to very tangible, physical reasons.

If water molecules remember, absorbing information as omnipresent witnesses of human history – what a story they would have to tell! 

The installation consists of 17 pictures arranged into rectangular composition of 162×222 cm. Each of those pictures replicates the same pattern, featuring different faces of water and times captured within its flow. 

The work was created in the surroundings of a national park of breathtaking splendour, homing the Galičnik Art Colony (Macedonia).